Why Should I Join?

Pony Club does an excellent job of developing leadership skills, independence, and responsibility. Children learn the importance and necessity of planning ahead, and how to think quickly in a sticky situation. As with any club setting, conflicts are bound to arise, and kids learn to deal with and overcome these problems in a diplomatic, orderly fashion. They make lifetime friends and learn skills that will be useful no matter what they do in life. Pony Club provides a setting for both mental and social growth, providing children with outstanding opportunities to learn public speaking skills, one-on-one interview abilities, how to work with a team, lead a group, and apply information they have learned to a real situation. Most importantly, be ready to have a great time!

How do I Join?

Visit our Facebook page (link above) for additional information and up-to-date activities.


If you're interested in joining, feel free to contact Tracie Johnson @ (623) 203-6211.

We encourage you to attend one or more of our meetings. If you feel it's what you're looking for, then we welcome you to provide us with your email, and we will send you a membership form. 

What is the Cost of Joining?

Annual Dues

National Dues, Regional Dues and Club dues are required for membership

USPC National Dues 2020 - Special pricing for 2020                                                      New Member  2020- $95 (Normally $155)

Pro-rated New Member- $200, covers all of 2020 through 12/31/2021.

Member Renewal  -  $120 or $110 if paid by November 15 (Normally $145 or $135)


Regional Dues - $65

If joining after 9/1/2020, no regional dues for 2020, but they will be due by January 1, 2021.
Club dues -$35

Sponsor fee - $5

(Anyone who is willing to volunteer on a regular basis for the club)

Weekly Mounted Meetings - $25

Weekly Unmounted Meetings - $5

In order to maintain your member in good standing status and participate in club lessons and activities, all fees must be paid at each meeting.

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